Club Rules
Club Rules
  1. All club members shall be 19 years of age or over.
  2. Club membership fees will be determined annually by the club Executive.
  3. Membership limitations will be established each year by the club Executive.
  4. Club members may bring guests who will be required to pay a guest fee to cover shuttle costs.  Guest fees will be established by the club Executive.  Members are requested not to bring the same guest more than three times during a season.  Guests are not encouraged if the club membership is closed.
  5. Proper gym shoes (non-marking soles) only are allowed on the playing surface.
  6. Members are requested to wear appropriate badminton attire (sport short or skirt, tracksuit, exercise pant, t-shirt or collared sport shirt, sleeveless shirt).  Tank tops are not considered appropriate attire and no hats are to be worn.  No perfume or cologne due to allergies and scent sensitivities. 
  7. On regular club nights, a Board System will be used to determine games.  ALL MEMBERS AND GUESTS are requested to adhere strictly to the rules of the board.  Court usage will be determined by the executive and will be adjusted as necessary, i.e. Number of singles courts available.
  8. “Challenge” matches (for color coding purposes) do not take precedence over regular games on club nights.
  9. Members and guests are personally liable for any damage which they do to the playing surface or any other school property.  Please help to leave the school as we found it.
  10. All members and guests play at their own risk.
  11. No smoking in or on school property.
  12. Any member who exhibits behavior that would be deemed inappropriate and/or jeopardize the use of club facilities, will be asked to leave the club, by the executive, without a refund of registration fees.


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