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  1. The purpose of the colouring system is to facilitate more balanced and competitive games during club nights.
  2. The colours should represent a player's current abilities rather than his/her potential.
  3. The colours hold no prestige and should NOT be used as a status symbol.
  4. New members inherit the BLACK colour after December if they have not challenged out of the WHITE colour.
  5. Guests should indicate their estimated playing level by assigning themselves a colour (written beside their name on the guest tag).
  6. The executive has the ability to place any member (including new members) that are in the black colour into a higher level as required to ensure competitive games and opportunities for growth.
The Board System
  1. When picking a game, a member must select all of  his choices from the top 10 eligible names on the Board.
  2. A name is eligible if you are allowed to pick that name.   Players colour-coded as Black may pick from anyone who is Black or Green.  Greens may pick from Blacks, Greens and Blues.  Blues and Reds may pick from anyone.
  3. When a name reaches the top of the Board, it is that members turn to pick.
The Challenge System

Members are encouraged to challenge as often and frequently as permitted under our rules.  This will better ensure that a member’s current abilities are best reflected in their current colour-code.  The challenge rules are:

  1. Challenges must be acknowledged and tracked by an executive member.
  2. Challenges must be start their first game before 8pm.
  3. Challenges shall not occur in the first 2 weeks of the season.
  4. Each member may challenge up into GREEN/BLUE/RED two times per colour per season.
  5. Incumbents are eligible players who are chosen to participate in a challenge match.
  6. A player is considered eligible if he/she attends the given session with the intention of playing and his/her colour-code is the one being challenged into.
  7. Incumbents are chosen at random from eligible players.  Eligible players who choose not to participate in a challenge will have their colour-code changed to one level lower via the Knock-down rule (below).  Incumbents who have already participated in a challenge match may decline subsequent challenge matches on the same night, without penalty.
  8. Successfully challenging in SINGLES games:
            Over a one-month period, the challenger wins two out of three singles games against distinct, willing incumbents.
            Incumbents may decline singles-challenges without penalty.
  9. Successfully challenging in DOUBLES games:
            In one evening, in combination with three incumbents, the challenger must win one out of three doubles games, each game  partnering with one of the incumbents against the other two incumbents.
            An incumbent who loses all 3 challenge games will have his/her colour-code changed to one level lower via the Knock-down rule (below).  Note that is can only happen if the challenger is successful.
  10. Knock-down rule:
            A member is bumped one colour-level down (Red->Blue, Blue->Green, Green->Black)
            Black-coded players cannot be challenged and therefore, cannot be Knocked-down
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